See what our customers are saying about DriveTrain:

  • Nicole Pillitiere
    Quality Excellent an I haven't had any work done here yet, but based on my experience with just asking questions and looking for a specific part i would rate their customer service as a 10. I went in there looking for an axle and a mechanic took the time to pull several axles out of different vehicles to see if one would match mine. Unfortunately they didn't have one but just the idea that he made the effort (including calling around to other shops for me) to see that i was taken care of meant the world to me. Extremely friendly staff, honest and hard working. I will definitely be bringing business to these guys in the future.
    Raymond Clay
    I go to DriveTrain because I owned a 69 Ford Thunderbird, I went to 6 or 7 body shops to have the roof fixed and no one would do the work, DriveTrain did the work. It looked excellent and the price was fair. Since then I have swapped the thunderbird for a 1982 Porsche 982 and DriveTrain is doing the work on it also.
    J\'Keisha Blair
    Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the exceptional work that was done on our car. Drivetrain definitely has our vote if we ever have to have any body work or any other services done. Thanks again!
    Jason Davis
    this company made such a positive impression on me. DriveTrain Automotive SuperCenter provided excellent quality of work, intelligent management and mechanics who diagnosed my car's problems, and honest customer service that is simply not found at any other auto shop in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham.
    Nick Kaiser
    When I can, I like to work on & repair my vehicles before taking them to a shop...wish I would've learned more from my pop (mechanical genius). But when I can't, it's hard to find shops open around my work schedule (13 hrs a day, 6 days a week). Drivetrain Automotive is open 7 days a week from 7-7...and Jeffrey Menefee & Dustin Gouchenouer are a couple of great people. Their prices are reasonable & they won't try to shoot you a line of 'ya, you need this & that replaced' if you don't really need it. Check em out.